Keeping Safe, Feeling Safe

Keeping Safe Feeling Safe is a project developed by People First and run by SVAT to help safeguard people with disabilities from bullying abuse and neglect.

It is a 30-hour course run over 10 weeks.  The aim is to give people tools and skills to help deal with situations like bullying, abuse and neglect.  Participants (adults with a learning disability) learn effective tools and strategies to keep themselves safe.  The key messages are simple, consistent and are repeated throughout the workshop.  Keeping Safe Feeling Safe toolkit consists of 15 key tools that participants can utilise at home, when they are out and about and online. 

The course is interactive and confidence building.  Support people are welcome to attend.  Usually the course in run in Taranaki twice a year, please contact SVAT for more information.  

Community Education

  • workshops
  • learning sessions
  • workplace training

We offer Community Education opportunities for local organisations working with people who may be adults at risk in Taranaki.  These learning sessions give information around the process, goals and legislation that the process is guided by. 

The teaching also acknowledges that there is a continuum of response to adults at risk which ranges from education through to a care and protection response.  Any response should be proportional to the concerns present.

Contact us today to discuss how SVAT can assist with community education sessions for your organisation.