Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Taranaki is a multiagency approach to safeguarding adults at risk of harm.  Anyone can make a safeguarding referral when they have a concern regarding someone’s safety or situation. 


Waitemata Police and DHB ran a pilot program for “Safeguarding Adults from Abuse” program for 6 months from July to December 2016. Its aim was to gather organizations together and work collectively to ensure that adequate supports are in place for the vulnerable adults within the community that came to their attention.  It has given a roadmap for a community driven initiative with government and non-government agencies with the goal of safety for vulnerable adults within our communities.  

This pilot program came to the attention of a group of local organizations who had experienced similar issues with people that they were working with. In 2017 they created the Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Taranaki (SVAT).

Who we are

What we do

Our aim is to safeguard vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect while improving the response of agencies to vulnerable adults who are experiencing abuse and/or at risk of abuse in the Taranaki region.

If there are concerns raised:

The case will be assigned to a safeguarding Connector who will:

  • Take a person directed and whānau-centred approach
  • Determine the immediate danger or harm, and coordinate immediate intervention as required.
  • Seek to understand the background and situation of concern.
  • Provide a single point of contact.
  • Coordinate safeguarding strategy meetings with the individual, his/her whānau and supporters, police, provider and other health professionals.
  • Identify and address whānau needs in a holistic way.

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